scent of the day notes: Tauer’s Incense Extreme and Aftel’s Tango

by janedotx7

Incense extreme: It starts out bright and crackling. It makes me think
of crunching stiff strips of paper in my fist, and it tickles my nose
in the same way Heeley’s Cardinale and Crazylibellule’s Encens Mystic
do. It has a light and airy, distinctly outdoorsy quality. Incense
extreme is supposed to be unisex, but I cannot think of any men I know
who could pull it off.

The incense fades quite a bit within an hour. The iris note was strong
enough from the start that when I first got my sample from Luckyscent,
I was convinced that they’d made a mistake and sent me Incense rose
instead. All it smells like now is iris. There’s still some kind of
lingering smokiness, but it’s almost rubbery now, and I have to strain
to detect it.

Tango: This makes me doubt my nose. Tango’s key ingredient is the
essence of roasted seashells. It’s certainly salty and smoky, but it
does not smell meaty at all. It reminds me a bit of Sonoma Scent
Studio’s Fireside Intense, so I suppose in actuality it does have a
sort of meaty note. It’s quite subtle though, and the first image that
comes to mind is a log with a streak of fire inside.

I also have to say, as someone who has actually done tango–this does
not remind me of tango at all. Other reviewers have said that Tango
strikes them as tragic, but all dance is always filled with the strong
undercurrent of the sheer joy of motion and controlled energy.

Tango also fades rapidly. I think this one needs a generous
application, but samples are ridiculously expensive. I might just be
condemned to an imprecise perception of it, but I don’t really mind.


I need to fix my technique for perfume sampling. I dab timidly when I
really ought to just drench my arm in the stuff. I wish more perfumers
had spray samples available. I’d gladly pay double the price for
them–it’s a small cost considering how expensive and risky a full
bottle is.