the tale of @TaskRabbit, and cupcakes

by janedotx7

TaskRabbit is a nifty startup that matches people with cash and no
time to people with time and no cash. Too busy to pick up your
laundry? Get a runner from TaskRabbit to do it for you! Can’t build
your Ikea bedframe because you stay up partying every night?
TaskRabbit can rescue you too!

TaskRabbit came by Twitter recently to strut their stuff and offer us
an employee discount. I have all my shit together and had no practical
use for a runner, but I loved the idea of ordering people around.

I solicited Twitter and Facebook for ideas. Here are some of the ones I got:
–Leave unwrapped In’n’Out burgers on a playground!
–Put fuzzy handcuffs in unlikely places.
–getting my laundry is pretty hilarious.

They say people who ask for advice never want it. It’s true. I
dismissed every single suggestion I got and went with this instead:

Title: handing out sweets to strangers in public
Task description: I want you to bake some chocolate chip cookies.
Let’s say 60. Then, I want you to hand them out in public. Please get
some photos of people taking and eating the cookies. I would like at
least 10 photos. Also do not let anyone walk off with more than 2
cookies, because I cannot abide that kind of greedy behavior.

I was worried at first that no acceptable runner would take the task.
The first offer I got was willing to do it for $70, though I’d priced
it only at $40. The other runners who responded seemed curious as to
why I wanted to do this, but uninterested in actually doing it.

Finally, the lovely Laura S. bid on the task and offered to do it for
only $35. What a deal! Laura really threw herself into it. Not only
did she suggest cupcakes instead of cookies, a far more substantial
treat, but she also offered to wear a sign with the slogan of my

Once again I hailed Twitter and Facebook for advice. I let Laura pick
from among these suggestions:
–A picture of Samuel L. Jackson, and the caption, “CUPCAKES
–“Enjoy this sweet treat!”
–“Pay it forward”
–“god gave us wheat, but man invented cupcakes.”
–“free poison cupcakes”
–“don’t worry, they’re not poisoned”
–“gluttony is a sin. free cupcakes!”
–“death is an eternal void. enjoy a cupcake while you still can.”

Which one did she pick? Check it out in the photos!