glee has become plus ungood

by janedotx7

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– 0.5 HB mechanical pencil
– 2 episodes of Glee (Duets and The Rocky Horror Glee Show)
– kneaded eraser
– white eraser of unknown material
– Gap ad for women’s jeans

artistic commentary from my father:
“That looks like a man.”

other notes:
– the torso seems too wide
– I should be less afraid of having darker shadows and sharper gradation
– I need to stop using HB and 0.5 mechanical pencils–the range of
shades offered by HB is pitiful and it’s hard to do any nice shading
if the lead is too thin
– the chin is too narrow
– Glee season 2 is really bad. I would never have been able to draw
something this complete if I were trying to multitask during season 1.