doing good

by janedotx7

i’m editing my sister-in-law’s journal article right now. she studies
stem cells at stanford. she just invented a new method for tracking
the differentiation of blood cell progenitors. this could help us beat
cancer, as it resembles stem cells gone amok in its behavior, and
of course, it will help us with applying stem cells to regenerative
medicine. maybe halt aging someday.

i’m an engineer at twitter. for every line of code i write, i affect
thousands or even millions of users. this is my day job.

but stem cells are going to save lives some day, absolutely no
question about it. every misplaced comma and obfuscated sentence
fragment i find and destroy helps my sister-in-law, and helps us all
get there a little sooner. it just occurred to me now that i may be
doing more good for the human race right now than i ever have anywhere