Screw rounded corners, THIS is amazing UX

by janedotx7

I was using a lot of bandages, thanks to a freak allergic reaction to
a golden retriever. I would like to take this opportunity to endorse
the finest bandages I have found so far. I don’t know who the
manufacturer is, but more people should imitate them.

You’d think it’s simple, right? A simple square of gauze stuck onto a
piece of tape. How could one bandage be better than another?

They certainly can. The inferior bandages have tape exposed around all
edges of the bandage. If you have a wound that is a little bit longer
than the piece of gauze, you’ll have tape sticking to your raw,
painful scab.

The best bandages only expose gauze on two sides–the sides you
actually need to tape down the gauze.

Clearly, these excellent bandages were devised by some poor fellow who
gets a lot of papercuts.