a resolution for the new year, and for all years

by janedotx7

Go ahead and lie. Lie to your mother about when you’re going to visit.
Lie to your boss about how long this new project is going to take. Lie
with your purchases about how much you really have in your bank
account. Go ahead–lie to the whole damn world.

But leave one person out of those lies–yourself. Don’t believe your
own lies. If you aren’t visiting your mother because you hate her,
admit it to yourself–don’t blame it on being busy. If you told your
boss that report would take twice as long as it actually would, don’t
justify it by thinking of how you’ve been overworked recently. Just
admit it–you’re being vindictive. And when you’re blowing money on a
pricey vacation, face yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m doing it to
keep up with the Joneses, not because I’ve really dreamed of going to
Bali all my life.”

Never lie to yourself. The first cause and first solution to every
problem in your life is you. And if you never have the courage to
admit to yourself when you are lying, you’ll be getting in your own
way for the rest of your life.

And no matter how old you are, “the rest of your life” is a very long time.