clearly a sign you should short Apple

by janedotx7


So in Lion, the newest version of OS X, when you open up an
application using Spotlight, this popup pops up to give you absolutely
no useful information whatsoever. There’s a time and place to worry
about the copyright information, and that’s when I’m trying to pirate
it, not launch the app as quickly as possible. And sometimes the popup
crashes and won’t go away until you ask the Oracle at StackOverflow
what the right magic ritual to dismiss the oversized bastard is.
(Force quit the “Quick Look UI Helper,” by the way.) My hypothesis is
that this is already a sign of the decline of Jobs’ influence at
Apple. Soon, we will have no computer interfaces that are nicer than
Android’s, ever again. *

I biked past Jobs’ house once, soon after the funeral. I had never
realized it was his house until I saw all the flowers, candles, and
mourners. I thought it was ridiculous that he should be receiving so
much adulation for merely making something beautiful. But it wasn’t
just that. Jobs singlehandedly saved many people from a lot of
frustration and pain; the kind of nagging pain that in oysters causes
a beautiful pearl to form, but in humans, just causes them to crack
open a bottle of wine and turn on a TV.

Thank you, Steve. I suppose I shall miss you after all.

* Though Google’s homepage is still easy and simple, I maintain that
it is the simplicity of morons. They got lucky.