Seattle drawing fun

by janedotx7

Because I love the zoo, but hate taking photos, and I am a goddamn Luddite. I hate technology as much as I love it. I am so confused all the time.


If you can’t read the blue ink, it says “A GODDAMN PENGUIN REARS ITS FIRETRUCKING HEAD.” Because “firetruck” is a valid euphemism in the land of Jane Land.

If you can’t read the caption on the side here, it says, “EAT FISH AND DIE MOTHERFUCKER.” The other one says, “WAT YOU LOOKING AT.” These penguins may live in a Seattle zoo, but they live the authentic thug life.

Also, fortune cookie sentiment of the day: “Some people are decent because they want to be decent, and others are goddamn little goodie-two shoes.” Because I hate Kant with a categorical passion, more than photos.

I was tired when I was captioning my little life drawings, and I’m tired now.