jane teaches you how to do a swingout out of the generosity of her heart

by janedotx7

This is most applicable to people who learn how to swing dance by taking Living Traditions of Swing at Stanford, from Richard Powers. Here are a couple pointers for follows who want to leave the warm, loving cocoon that is Jammix and the GCC dances, and venture out into the cold, uncaring world of dancing off-campus.

1. The swingout is supposed to be *followed.* What does that mean? That means, don’t walk towards the lead until you feel him tugging on you.

2. You don’t need to have a lot of tension in your connection. Connections come in two flavors: a subtle, light one that lends itself to catching every last little musical hit, and a heavy, hard, energetic kind. More experienced leads tend to prefer the former type of connection. The reason is that it’s easier to start with a light connection and build up to a heavy one when necessary, than the other way around. There is nothing wrong with the occasional hate-dance, of course.

3. On counts 3 and 4, you’re supposed to triple-step towards where the lead used to be. This is hard to do, because you’re aiming for empty air, which is an abstract, invisible target, and his hand is tugging you from where he * currently* is, which is much more concrete and noticeable. So, aim towards his *right hand,* which should be floating approximately where he used to be. Then when you connect with your lead on 5 and 6, it’ll feel much better.

4. STOP SUCKING. Don’t cry! I didn’t mean to say that! I just ran out of helpful things to say. I’m sorry. I’m mean.