if wishes were crayons, this would be red

by janedotx7



Part of the wall of Tahquitz Canyon. 1/4/2014. As usual, the camera phone forgives many flaws.

I would have spent longer drawing this, but I had been sitting so long that the sun had moved and changed all the shadows.

I had this phrased much more coherently somewhere, but the general gist was something like this: nature has an inherent beauty that is missing in all man-made things. Even the most culturally divergent human mind shares a structure that is the same as your own, so to some degree, interfacing with man-made things involves some kind of recognition or recreation from your own mind. Whereas, any interaction with nature forces an interaction with something indifferent and alien, imposes a process of discovery and exploration. From that comes romance and mystery.

Which is why drawing big rocks is fun and drawing buildings is not. HAH. Suck on that, architects!

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