‘Twas the night before Demo Day

by janedotx7

‘Twas the night before Demo Day, and all through the house,
Came a furious clicking, of keyboard, and mouse.
A worried non-technical founder did pace,
His PowerPoint done, he felt out of place.
The hacker was hacking, but to no avail,
He made sounds that were half growl, half wail.
The night felt so bleak, but there soon came a crash,
Down through the chimney fell a fat stack of cash.
It was followed thereafter by two shiny black shoes,
Clearly those of a VC, but which one–whose?
The figure emerged, the founders sucked a breath in–
For who should it be, but Marc Andreessen?
How commanding he looked! Yet how genial and merry!
He strode to the demo, and typed in a query.
“A new dating app?! Sweet! Let’s chat!
“Let’s sign you on now! Immediately! Stat!”
He signed all the papers, and spun on his heel,
And went back up the chimney as if drawn by a reel.
The founders logged on to tweet with delight,
“We crushed it, you suckers. Have a good night.”