finally, I have conquered a seventeen year old phobia

All this time, I’ve been fretting–what if a crazed maniac showed up and said, “Draw me a naked woman in twenty minutes, or I WILL DROWN YOU IN A BATHTUB FULL OF NUTELLA. WHICH I KNOW YOU DON’T LIKE.” What if? What if??

No more what ifs, now. Come at me, crazed maniac. I am ready now.


The big shadow in the upper left is my hand, holding the cell phone camera.

I actually don’t know if this would satisfy the nutella killer that haunts my nights, because the left knee is actually rather horrible, the torso needs more attention, the left shoulder’s shadow is too dark and is poorly defined, and as usual, I didn’t do anything for the face, but it satisfies *me*, and that girl, she can be a tough cookie sometimes.

I had a revelation about drawing the body, which is that it is convex at all the rigid bits, and concave at all the non-rigid bits. (Rather, Walter Stanchfield, Michael Mattesi, and several other artists have told me before, and even demonstrated it a million times, but it never sank in until a few months ago.) The best example of that in this drawing is the bend in the torso in between the pelvis and the rib cage. I just never had the time to apply this thought, even during twenty minute poses, until last night.