the neoair xlite: a bad review

So bad, complete sentences are not warranted.

Pros: Packs light.

Cons: Sleeps like you’re on the floor of a bouncy castle ruled by a medieval two year old.

I have to use complete sentences to tell the story of what I did the first two nights I tried to sleep with this pad. The first night, I was staying at a friend’s house. The guest mattress was saggy, so I decided that it would be an excellent trial of the Neoair Xlite if I moved to the floor and slept on the pad. Bad news. I could not tolerate the Xlite and ended up sleeping directly on the floor instead.

Night the second, I was finally camping with the same friend. Perhaps the floor was unusually hard, or was radiating strange floor-particles through the pad, I reasoned. I deployed the pad again and it was still so uncomfortable, I ended up sleeping on the tent floor. That’s right, the Neoair Xlite was so uncomfortable that sleeping on rocky ground beat it.

This was the same night that the Neoair was torn by a rock.

When I went to REI to return it, every employee I talked to said that the Neoair sucked. Heh. If you’re looking for an ultralight sleeping pad, I’m not sure that the Neoair is actually the most uncomfortable out of the lot, but ultralight pads as a class might not be worthwhile if you value comfort.